About Us

Who We Are
We’re a strategic B2B market research firm looking to partner with innovative technology-driven companies.

Our Philosophy
Our team is driven by their passion for information, the advent of new technology innovation and the possibilities that the combination will have on improving our society.

“We believe that having a clearly informed vision is the gateway to creating a successful future.”

– Nicholas Bisconti, Founder and CEO

What We Do
We systematically and objectively identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data into decision-making information for the purpose of improving marketing decision-making for enterprises.

Our Experience
Leveraging over a decade of B2B market information research advisory experience, we apply an extensive multidisciplinary yet specialized best practice approach to obtaining timely, accurate, credible and relevant primary research information.


Nicholas Bisconti
Founder and CEO

Nicholas is Founder and Executive Marketing Research Adviser at Actionable Insight Research, LLC, a global technology-focused and strategic advisory market research firm based in the Boston, MA area.

From both a corporate enterprise perspective as well as a service consulting approach, Nicholas and his team have had decades of experience supporting technology startups, global 500 technology companies as well as IT research professional services firms.

Nicholas holds an MBA with honors and is an Adjunct Professor of Market Research.  As an Executive Marketing Research Adviser, his expertise focuses on B2B Market Research for startups and innovative technology-driven companies.


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