About Us

Who We Are
We’re a strategic marketing research advisory firm with three decades of professional advisory experience across multiple industry sectors including Technology, Healthcare (Pharma), and Financial Services (Retail Banking).  Leveraging first hand client-side and supply-side marketing research principles, we provide fact-based market research guidance aimed at enabling our clients to make informed decisions with actionable insight.

Our Philosophy
Our team is driven by their passion for information, the advent of new technology innovation and the possibilities that the combination will have on improving our society. We don’t believe in “one-offs” or “throwing information over the fence” but instead look to build a long term partnership in order to provide guidance to our clients along their journey to success.

“We believe that having a clearly informed vision is the gateway to creating a successful future.”

– Nicholas Bisconti, Founder and CEO

What We Do
We systematically and objectively identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data into decision-making information for the purpose of improving marketing decision-making for enterprises.

As we partner with you in solving your market information needs, we will apply an extensive multidisciplinary yet specialized best practice approach to obtaining timely, accurate, credible, relevant and strategic market research information that your company can leverage in order to make more informed strategic go-to-market decisions.


Nicholas Bisconti
Founder and CEO

As Executive Marketing Research Advisor, Nick thinks in terms of possibilities and ways of improving marketing decision-making for B2B clients. By moving away from a “one size fits all” market research ideology to a more human-centered design of listening to buyers as a guide to movements in the market, Nick has been able to identify specific problems that buyers need suppliers to address, ultimately propelling enterprises along their journey to success.

With close to three decades of professional experience, within both a corporate and supply-side advisory capacity, Nick has earned trust from both clients and partners alike.  He is fantastic at reaching out to his network and key stakeholders to gain from them a real commitment to act.

Leveraging fact-based custom research insight, Nick has advised within technology, financial services, and healthcare industries. Client companies have included, technology-driven startups, American and multinational technology companies, American and multinational investment bank and financial services organizations, multinational media conglomerates as well as American pharma and providers of health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools.

Nick holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Business Strategy and teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Business Research Methods at Suffolk University in Boston, MA.

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